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I'm retarded, it took me almost an hour to figure this friggin live journal stuff out, i'm still not exactly sure if I'm even posting right but here goes anyway.. It was nice to see ya again Danielle/Cathy, and it was nice meeting you Susette! And now here's my lil survey that i'm suppose to fill out,

Name: Janice
Spouses name (or brother, sister etc): Rick
Which branch: (airforce or army or something else?) Army
Are you in colorado now? Yep
When is your birthday? October 21st
Age? 21
Tells whatever you want.
Been livin in Colo for almost a year now, and married for almost 4 yrs. No kids, just a couple of furbabies to keep me entertained. and i don't know what else to really type, so if you have any questions feel free to ask! :o)
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