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My first snail mail!

Got my first snail mail from Steven. I was so happy. My mother was the one that picked up the mail, and as she was going through it she realized what it was and was teasing me by not handing it to me cause I got so excited. Oh I miss him... Not that anyone cares but here's the letter

Hey Babe, 30 Sept 2005
Just a short note to let you know I'm thinking about you. I got your care package. It's awesome. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. I especially love the "zipfizz" energy drink it's helped out a lot. It's been really busy here. We were out all day yesterday + will be out all day tomorrow. I need to start working out but can never find someone to go with (we have to have a battle buddy). Oh well I got a year. If I re up and I most likely will my next duty station will most likely be Fort Carson, CO. I think it's close to Denver. I hear it's really nice + we can hang out. You'll get to show me around all over again. So you been active? I bet your hiking + biking all over the place. Well I gotta go. Miss you tons + thinking of you...
-Stevie Jack

I am such a goon :)

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