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Woo! I got my second real letter from Steven, it arrived yesterday... But I was so busy with the Halloween goings-ons that I didn't check the mail till today. But it is so good to get the letter, especially considering yesterday I was so down. I missed TWO of his attempts to call. the first time I missed his call I wasn't terribly upset because I missed it for a valid reason, I was in a job interview, but the second time he called was sometime between my walk outta the office to my jeep, and that one got to me, cause the only reason I missed it was because I hadn't turned my ringer on. And I just hadn't heard fro him in so long, and the voicemail he left was so sad, I cried all the way home, praying that he would call just one more time.... But I feel better today since I got a letter, and I got a long e-mail off to him last night.... Anyways, on to the letter....

Hey Babe, Oct. 22, 2005
I got your Halloween package. It's awesome! I just got done hanging the latern. The books are great. Something to read or watch is always appreciated. I built a deck and an overhang in front of my room. It's okay considering I'm not much of a builder. I got a long mission tomorrow (10-12hrs. long atleast). It's gonna suck. I'm gonna try and call you in the next few days. I miss you so much. I'm always thinking about you. I hope all is well and your belly dancing is fun. I hope to see you do it for me. hehe. I loved the pics. You look cute. It would be great to see you on leave, but I don't know how that could work out. Well I gotta go rack out. Take Care!!!
PS:Happy Halloween

And he had drawn a cute lil' pumpkin on the back. <3 I really want to see him on leave, but obviously he's going to go to FL where all his family is. And I am going to be working and going to school during his leave, but I am thinking if I plan ahead enough and can maybe find cheap enough tickets, I'd fly down there for a long weekend, take a Friday & Monday off and see him. Does anyone know any way to possibly find cheaper tickets, or any ways to pull strings, or heart strings to find flights? Anyways, I have rattled on enough, I will let you guys go on with your lives.... Thanks you reading guys. <3

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I heard that yahoo travel section had cheap tickets! I hope it all works out well for you :)