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Could you all give some suggestions on decent apt complexes/townhomes/duplexes/condos/whatever? Relatively (w/in 10-15 min drive) close to either the post or UCCS? I'd like to keep it under $750/mo (including pet rent), downstairs, available the last two weeks of June, accepts two small-breed dogs (18 lbs. and 5 lbs.), at least 1bed with study/home office or 2 small bedrooms are fine.

I've looked here: But the major drawback is that the only units available ATM are 2nd or 3rd floor

And here:

But I've read some bad (and good.. but you know how those things are skewed) things about these two places on and I've checked for a general idea of a decent neighborhood- but it's all about the same on there. And I've signed up at Apartments, Etc on Academy.. but they don't seem to be working quick enough, lol.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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